Tales of the Paranormal,

the Occult, & the Weird

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      You have discovered the gateway to untold mysteries. You are now one of an elite group of people about to undertake one of the greatest adventures of the human mind. You are different from the masses, those baying sheep bumping blindly down the chute towards the slaughterhouse of commonality and the meat grinder of mediocrity. You know the world is full of mysterious phenomena, places of great power, strange creatures, and unexplained events. You want to examine possibilities that make most people very uncomfortable.

brings you the information you need to make informed choices about what you believe is real, reporting stories the mainstream press dismisses out of hand ---or actively keeps you from learning about! Explore thinly disguised temple complexes on the grounds of major Iowa corporations. Cringe over weird midwestern tales . Be chilled by hauntings in small town ice cream shops, campgrounds, and historical sites. Track cryptozoological entities that plagued the past---and the present!

      You are now poised at a critical juncture in TIME!

         A CROSSROADS perhaps more important than any you have previously faced!




contains adult situations, themes, and language along with occult/religious themes which even Iowa City residents might find offensive. This Site is presented for the purposes of entertainment and if you believe anything in it, you do so at your own risk. Readers should be prepared to conduct their own investigations into the truth of the information and opinions presented, and be advised that the writers and publishers accept no responsibility for any danger, harm, mental or physical injury, or incarceration resulting from those investigations.

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