CEDAR: Police and phone company officials are at a loss to explain just how Nathan Elmendinger, 22, made obscene phone calls to 14 female students living on the campus of Georgi von Podebrad College.

Elmendinger has been in a persistive vegetative state for more than 2 years at the Podebrad Medical Center following an car accident in January, 1994.

"Damnedest thing!" remarks Police Chief Jim Branson. "We've got tape recordings of this guy using personal information and saying the filthiest things to these girls as recent as two days ago. But this kid's on full life support; someone's with him 'round the clock. No one's ever seen him so much as twitch."

Benjamin Elmendinger, the youth's father, is also mystified. "That is my boy on those tapes. I wish to hell he'd call me, instead. We're awful scared."

Efforts to prevent further harrassment of the victims has proved useless. Changing phone numbers and even removing the phone from Elmendinger's room failed to deter the calls. The students involved have threatened to sue the Elmendinger family for failure to control the actions of their son.

Family physicians in charge of the Elmendinger case have declined comment.

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