CRAWFORD: Scientists and townspeople alike remain baffled by a mysterious meteorological phenomenon the appearance of 7 giant whirling dodecahedrons over the annual spring celebration in Coon Grove. The 100ft wide 12-sided, glowing polyhedrons descended from the sunny April sky directly above the crowd. According to several eyewitnesses, the mysterious objects hovered silently for a few minutes. Then the whole sky went dark while the colossal geometric shapes changed from a gold color to reddish-orange, emitting a series of intense electrical discharges, several of which struck the ground. No injuries were reported. After disrupting the pie eating contest and halting the balloon shaving, the strange objects simply moved on, leaving a torrential downpour to dampen the carnival mood. Some experts are considering the possibility that the objects were an advance scouting mission for an alien invasion fleet. However, local TV weather-girl Donna McClure explained the incident as "Freak ion-activity caused by solar radiation reaching the stratosphere."

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