Retired Residents Told to "Forget Everything"

Jasper: Amanda and Clifford Barringer were amazed last Sunday evening when they answered a knock on the door of their farmhouse and beheld a squad of chemical warfare soldiers standing on their front porch.

"They said there was no emergency and that we should stay calm," retired farmer Clifford Barringer, 67, told a Third Eye Special Correspondent. "They were wearing chemical warfare gear-gas masks, gloves, everything. You couldn't see their faces, and their uniforms didn't have unit patches or names, either."

Amanda Barringer, 62, explains, "I was making some popcorn in the kitchen when Cliff answered the door. All these men with guns came in. They made us sit in the kitchen and told us not to look out the windows. And it was really strange because one of them-I guess it was an officer-brung this new board game. It was called "Frivolous Intents". He and another soldier made us play with them for an hour and a half. Just when Clifford and I won, a bright white light flooded in through the windows for about ten minutes. You could hear all those big helicopters flying around the house-the noise knocked one of my grandma's china plates off the kitchen shelf. Then the light went out and the soldiers left. The one that played with us said we were to forget everything that happened. He sounded like a nice boy."

The Pentagon denies all knowledge about the occurance at the Barringer farm, calling the elderly couple's story, "Just another pathetic plea for media attention."

However, a radar technician on duty at Des Moines International Airport, speaking on condition of anonymity, stated there were several low altitude military flights from Strategic Command in Omaha, Nebraska.

A spokesman from STRATCOM delcined comment.

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