There is a theory that everything you see and hear is stored into the subconscious memory, and that it is possible to recount experiences via the use of hypnotic regression, in which the person is sent into a trance and re-enacts the experience. However, such a tool is very unreliable since they could be thinking about something else or mix two different experiences together. Another problem with hypnotic regression is interpreting what is recounted.In a non-UFO related case, an English girl was sent into a hypnotic state and started to talk non-stop in French. What she said was recorded and the investigator concluded that the girl must have been French in a past life. This theory was readily accepted until someone read the transcription of what the girl had said and found that it was an _exact_ copy of a French text she had read. It has also been found that pathological liars can lie whilst under hypnosis.