Moore is an ex-teacher who chose to go into the writing profession in 1979 and was very involved in an investigation of the 1947 ROSWELL CASE. He worked with APRO for a while before accepting a place on the APRO board. He learnt about PAUL BENNEWITZ's claims from fellow board member Jim Lorenzen, but didn't take too great an interest in the case.

Whilst he was on a promotional radio show tour promoting his new book "The Roswell Incident", he received phone calls, at two different radio stations, from a nearby Air Force Base sergeant who wanted to meet him. When the first call came, he was too busy, but after the second call, they arranged a meeting and there he met RICHARD DOTY. Doty told him that he (and nine other military people, all ten identified by names of birds) would tell him various "facts" of what the US government was up to in regard to UFOs if he spied on APRO and passed DISINFORMATION on to Paul Bennewitz. Moore complied and was exposed to various Top Secret documents about highly sensitive government projects, including PROJECTS SIGMA, REDLIGHT, AQUARIUS, GALILEO, POUNCE and SNOWBIRD. In return, Moore gave Bennewitz doctored documents given to him by Doty. Moore learnt that the US government had indeed worked with aliens in advancing US space technology, and that three EBEs had been kept in various Air Force Bases. In October 1988, Moore went public on the TV show "UFO Cover-Up...Live" with "FALCON" and "CONDOR" who would tell the same stories that they had told Moore. That show was considered to be the most farcical embarrassment ever broadcast due to the fact that the informant's revelations included declarations that the aliens liked Tibetan style music and strawberry ice cream. Moore was devastated, and in the 1989 MUFON annual conference, he confessed that he had passed on disinformation from Doty to Bennewitz in order to investigate deeper into the UFO riddle and revealed that he had spied on various personalities in ufology.