Bob Oeschler joined the US Air Force in 1968 in the American Forces Radio and Television service filming classified prototype weapons systems during the Vietnam War. When he returned to the US, he spent eighteen months at Wright-Patterson AFB before working for NASA, specializing in missions technical analysis as a prototype designer of control and mobile surveillance systems. He gets his information from his alleged contacts in the US Intelligence Community. A controversial character, his work in ufology seems to be OK, even though he has made the odd wild claim. He has claimed to have worked on a government project called "Cosmic Journey" which was an exhibition of the various US space missions and included a section on aliens. He claims that there was going to be a UFO in the exhibition along with a cryogenically preserved alien body. This project was then shelved indefinitely due to the 1988 US presidential election. Then, in October 1993, he gave a radio interview on BBC Radio One and claimed that GULF BREEZE (photos with Bruce Maccabee), his claims of secret government projects are very suspect.