The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. This is a US government-funded project that monitors electromagnetic wave emissions from space. These emissions, it is claimed, will be the communications between various UFOs that "leak" out, just like TV pictures from a transmitter are able to be picked up from space (in theory). If they detect any abnormal emissions, they will investigate them further to try and find out where they originate from. UFO researchers are very skeptical of this project, saying it is just a front put up to try and publicly "prove" that UFOs don't exist since they don't expect to find any emissions that cannot be identified. According to an article by Dr. Pierre Guerinin "FLYING SAUCER REVIEW", the government already _knows_ that aliens exist and that they are cooperating with them and that they know that the aliens _don't_ use electromagnetic waves at all. It would be similar to trying to detect Indian smoke signals using a radio receiver. The SETI project was given the order to close down by US Congress in October 1993 due to budget cuts. It wasn't a success.