MARDUK, Andrew

Polk County Sheriff. One of the few members of the Law enforcement community who is willing to accept the strange things which happen in and around Hopkins Grove. As an elected official, he does play both sides of the fence, never publicly acknowledging a belief in the supernatural, but working closely enough with persons like Reverend Alcott that it is generally suspected he is locked in battle against evil forces. He is a constant thorn in the side of Abbadon, who works to discredit the officer. Marduk's wife disappeared not long after being offered a seat on the B. Lavatsky Board of Directors. Abbadon works to spread the rumor that the Sheriff killed her and used his position to cover it up. Marduk suspects that she became"involved" with Abbadon and he is responsible for her disappearance, if not her death. The truth of the matter remains a mystery. Sheriff Marduk has undertaken his own study of the Arcane Arts in an effort to "fight fire with fire". This can only lead to an eventual magickal combat. (the name "Marduk" is taken from theNecronomicon, where he is characterized throughout as the defeater of the Ancient Ones. Marduk was "chosen of the Elders to fight Kur and wrest power from the Great Sleeping Serpent who dwells beneath the Mountains of the Scorpion." Likewise, Sheriff Marduk will eventually be enlisted by the Hopkins Grove City Council to attack and destroy Abbadon in the caverns below the B. Lavatsky Museum.) (vol. 3 #6:3, 7)