RISTAU, Todd Wm. ~

Staff Reporter and Publisher of Third Eye Over Iowa, Venerable Patriarch of the Tabernacle Playwright, actor, director born in Geneseo, IL, in 1963. Ristau met Stan Ruth at a free dinner sponsored by the Hare Krishnas in Iowa City. The two had an argument and several years later became friends. Both had an intense interest in occult themes, theosophy, and Nazism. Ruth introduced Ristau to the works of Nietzsche, Wagner, Rudolf Steiner, Madame Blavatsky, and others. In turn, Ristau introduced Ruth to the world of occult artifacts such as the Spear of Destiny. It is unclear how he was originally contacted by Abbadon to publish the newsletter, but the fact remains. Angelic Conclave (vol.3#5:13) Elm Springs Man Removes Cattle Warts by Magic (vol.3 #6:10)