Table of Contents

der Ubooter's Guide

Last Updated 9th August, 1999
i Introduction
ii Dedication
iii Glossary
iv Unterseebootwaffe Command
v Uboat Statistics/Sim Stats
vi AOD Sim Screens
vii AOD Sim Controls
viii Realism Settings
ix Standing Orders
x Ship Recognition Tables
xi Awards, Decorations, Badges
Preliminary Observations
Section IA, Essential Characteristics and Uses of the U-boat
Section IB, How to Prevent the U-Boat from Attacting Attention
Section IC, Use of the Means of Communication of the U-boat
Section ID, Limits of the Uses of the U-boat
Section IIA, The Fundamental Rules for the Underwater Attack
Section III, The Surface Torpedo Attack
Section IV, Action to be taken in Defensive Action
Section V, The Submarine as a Gunnery Vessel
Section VI, Submarine Warfare on Merchant Shipping
Section VII, Operating in Packs
Section VIII, Use of Torpedoes
Section IX, Kriegsmarine Errata
Section X, Historical Overview
Section XI, Top Aces of the Unterseebootwaffe
Section XII, AOD Resources
Section XIII, Appendicies
Section XIV, Bibliography

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