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Der Ubooter's Guide (U.Kdt.Hdb.)

by Kommodore Hans Abbadon
Uboote Kommunications Offizier (A4),

An Unauthorized Aid to Playing


Kriegsmarine poster.sub and sail.

Published originally 1942, by High Command of the Navy. Newest edition November, 1999. This is a secret subject according to paragraph 88 of the Reichsstrafgesetzbuch. Misuse will be punished according to the provisions of said Paragraph, in asfar as other penalties do not apply.

Corrections to be made according to Leaflet Memorandum, Number 5.
Current edition created and distributed by Kommodore Hans Abbadon, Unterseebootwaffe Communications Division, Wilhelmshaven.

{The purpose of this manual is solely to provide useful instruction in the playing of a computer simulation based on the Uboat War in the North Atlantic during the period 1939 to 1945, as well as provide in one source such historical background material as might make game play more enjoyable. No attempt is made to promote any political stance or agenda. Further, all images and original source texts are assumed to be copyright free or incorporated under the fair use provisions of copyright law. This site is not a profit making venture, but solely intended to fill the need for instruction in game play due to the original manual for AOD being out of print and nearly impossible to obtain. If you are the owner of any portion of text or any image used on this site and wish that material removed, please contact me via e-mail at KaptnU49@aol.com with proof of ownership and a description of your complaint. Once satisfied that I have made a mistake in incorporating your image or text, I will remove the relevant material immediately.}

This Handbook Last Updated 15th November, 1999

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