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Michael A. Stone

Links of Personal Interest:

    The Slush Pile: some old posts from my outbox..
    Most of my friends communicate with me online, and know
    me by my writing style. Here are some highlights for
    new acquaintances who want some clue as to what they're
    dealing with.

    Simon Travaglia's Bastard Operator From Hell page..
    (Ya might call it a source of personal inspiration)

    The BOFH, path II
    The Bastard's back, and now he has a sidekick..

    Helen, Sweetheart of the Internet by Peter Zale.
    Much the same kind of thing, but with a female protagonist..
    Helen doesn't think about feminism the way fish don't think about water.

    User Friendly by Peter Zale.
    Equal time for male geeks, AIs trapped in constantly changing bodies,
    and little balls of fluff that play Quake.

    The After Life of Bob by David Woloschuk.
    Bob goes to college. Bob dies suddenly. Things start to get interesting..

    The Evil Overlord Home Page
    A collection of handy tips for would-be dominators of the universe.

    SchoolHouse Rock - The Unofficial Site.
    Nostalgia galore...

    Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission Reflectance Radiometer
    Terrestrial mineralogical info from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

    Internet Spec List
    A comprehensive list of RFC documents relating to the internet.

    Don't Ask
    A little something from the family scrapbook.

And just for Don: an email link.