Colonel Putnam's Military Academy


"I must

Destroy the Boy

To Build the Man!"

---Col.Richard Charles Putnam

Founder & Headmaster,
Col. Putnam's Military Academy

     Perhaps you hoped it was just a phase he was going through, just like when you were a boy growing into manhood, that was making him act like a wild animal. But when he was featured on the evening news cursing, bleeding, and handcuffed by the police, you began changing your mind. Then you found that stuff in his closet and those magazines under his mattress and the airline hostess stuffed in his dresser...

--that's when you knew something drastic had to be done!

     A change of environment is required. One where rigorous discipline and respect for leadership is imposed. Where a classical curriculum stressing honor and tradition is taught with military precision. Where a rampaging self-destructing boy is hammered into a self-confident, forward-looking man.

But you're too stupid and facile to do it yourself!

Consider Colonel Putnam's
Military Academy.

    CPMA, nestled in the mountains of western Montana overlooking the sleepy town of Perdition Falls, provides the very nuturing environment your troublesome lad needs to thrive and succeed in life.

     Sure, you've heard a few negative things about CPMA...

     Reports of exorbitant tutition fees, drafty dormitories, dangerous hazing practises, a legal action, and the employment of certain foreigners accused of genocide. But tuition has come way down since you were a boy, opening the doors of CPMA to thousands of troubled youths. And the generous contributions provided by hundreds of endearing alumna has forever changed the hallowed halls of CPMA:

     Some may tell you that sending your boy to a military academy may irrevocably damage him and cast him upon a journey of guilt, neurosis, and bizzare religious practises which may lead him to kill someone. But perhaps it's better to consider what CPMA's founder, Colonel Putnam, himself said during an address in Nuremburg in 1947:

I must destroy the boy
to build the man!"

Certainly, the philosophy upon which to build a lifetime.

Colonel Richard Charles Putnam,
Founder & Headmaster, CPMA

     In the military, the measure of a man's success in his career is found in his abilites to lead and to lead wisely. Our founder, Col. Putnam has led a singular international military career. Enlisting at the age of 18 in 1934, he first distinguished himself in the 1936 "Fort Dix Food Fight" by single-handedly taking the buffet table. Leaving the Army Catering Corps in 1938, he emmigrated to Berlin where his military advice was sought by the leaders of several Central European Powers. During World War II, he served with bravery and honor in his adopted homeland against ruthless invaders and during a speaking engagement at a postwar military symposium in Nuremburg in 1947, he laid forth his philosophy of the future of military education. During the Cold War, he played an integral part in the management of several British and French Administered Territories. Eventually retiring from the military in1965 after the famed Tahitian Mistake, he moved to Western Montana and founded CPMA.

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