This is a brief run-through of JOHN LEAR's Dark Side Hypothesis : Dozens of flying saucers have crashed over the years and the US government has recovered all of them and launched Project Redlight in 1962 whose aims were to discover how to fly these recovered craft and was ca over the year S-4 at AREA 51. Lear claims that this area is no longer in US control, the aliens have taken over the area. The US government then made a deal with the aliens in which the aliens could control a segment of S-4 and abduct as many people as they want, in return for their technology and that they provided a list of people that they intended to abduct. In 1973, the US government discovered that the aliens were abducting more people than they had listed and there was a confrontation and in 1978/9 the aliens held and then killed 44 top scientists and some of the Delta Force troops sent in to rescue them. The deal was then broken but the aliens stayed and were abducting as many as 1 in 10 Americans to use in experiments, mutilating these abductees and producing androids in underground laboratories. Sometime in the 1980's the US government and the aliens got together again and are working together so that the US can gain some more alien technology. Lear claims that there is a secret US government that is overseeing the abductions and that the abductees have implants in them that control them so that when an ideal time came, the secret government could enslave them and control them via drug addiction. The head of the secret government would be MJ-12. Lear's sources were PAUL BENNEWITZ, BOB LAZAR and, later on, BILL COOPER. When Bob Lazar went public on US TV in 1989, he said that he did not believe any of Lear's claims and distanced himself from Lear and any of his associates.