The estranged son of Bill Lear, inventor of the Lear Jet. John Lear is the only pilot who holds every airman certificate awarded by the Federal Aviation Administration. He has flown over 160 different type of aircraft and had flown many missions for the CIA. He is a friend of PAUL BENNEWITZ who told Lear everything that he had heard from RICHARD DOTY and WILLIAM MOORE and Lear believed most of it. Lear was also a friend of ROBERT LAZAR who told him about the various goings on at AREA 51; Moore showed him the various documents he had been given by Doty, and from those three sources began work on his Lear Hypothesis, also known as the DARK SIDE HYPOTHESIS. He then subscribed to Paranet and found a friend in BILL COOPER. With Cooper's help, he finished his hypothesis and sent it to the Paranet Bulletin Board. He then decided to test the UFO society by faking some government documents about aliens, the Krlll (pronounced "Krill") Files. All of the UFO society (but one) checked out the material included in the files and found large inconsistencies and lies. The one person who didn't was Cooper, who claimed to have seen the documents when he was working for the government. When the files were declared as faked, Lear and Cooper were barred from Paranet and the friendship between them broke down, Cooper accusing Lear of being a government agent. Lear is now lecturing about his Hypothesis.