Author of best selling books "Above Top Secret", "Alien Liaison", "Alien Update" and the "UFO Report" series. "Above Top Secret" documented the worldwide government cover-up of UFO related material and incidents. It also published the faked MJ-12 briefing document. Despite that, it is widely regarded as _the_ book to read if you're seriously interested in UFOs. "Alien Liaison" went one step further by dealing with DISINFORMATION, CATTLE MUTILATIONS and the ROBERT LAZAR case, but is thought of as fairly unreliable since parts of it were heavily influenced by the claims in the MJ-12 documents, the claims of BILL MOORE, and also the claims of BOB OESCHLER that he worked on a top secret project to produce an exhibition called "Cosmic Journey" in which the US government was allegedly going to display a preserved alien body and a section of a UFO. "Alien Update"can be thought of as "UFO Report 1993" since it is in exactly the same format as the other books in the "UFO Report" series.