A controversial abduction case, controversial because it all hinges on information gained by performing HYPNOTIC REGRESSION on Betty and Barney Hill. In September 1961, the Hills were returning from a holiday and were driving along a New Hampshire road when they saw a bright light moving rapidly in the sky. They stopped the car and got out to have a closer look with binoculars. The light then reversed its direction and the couple got back into their car and drove on. The light then turned back and approached their car, so they stopped again to look at it. The craft was coin shaped with blue lighted windows along the edge, through which they saw figures running about. Barney walked over the road to get an even better look when two wings came out of either side of the craft which had red lights on the wing tips. He then got shocked and _very_ agitated and ran back into the car and the two of them went back on their journey home. When they got back, they realised that they were some two hours late and they didn't know why. After a few days, Betty had a series of disturbing dreams relating to a possible UFO abduction, so she and Barney agreed to go under hypnotic regression to try and find out just _what_ happened during those two lost hours. The two were sent into a hypnotic sleep both together and separately, and both stories matched up with each other for the times when they were together during the UFO incident. The story went like this: When the Hills stopped the car the second time, it was because it was stalled by the UFO. The two were helped out of their car by a few men (alien men) and were taken off of the road and up a ramp into ZETA RETICULI system.