On 24th June 1947, pilot Kenneth Arnold observed nine boomerang-shaped craft flying over the Cascade Mountains in Washington - the sighting which gave BENNEWITZ, PAUL In the late 1970's, an Albuquerque businessman named Paul Bennewitz started to monitor unusual electromagnetic pulses from what he thought were UFOs flying above the nearby Manzano Nuclear Weapons Storage Facility near Kirtland Air Force Base. He came to the conclusion that these pulses _may_ be controlling implanted abductees, so he started attempting to decode the pulses, and thought he was on the right path.He contacted APRO about his theory, but they wouldn't believe him, so he contacted AFOSI in October 1980, where he was put in touch with RICHARD DOTY. He filled out a few forms and sent in some tape he had filmed of some UFOs over the Nuclear Storage Facility and Doty started to feed Bennewitz DISINFORMATION about the US government's involvement with the UFO phenomenon, including tales of US/alien pacts, alien bases in various places around the world, and of experiments that the aliens carried out with humans to create hybrids and androids. Bennewitz believed all of it. Doty then got WILLIAM MOORE to pass on more disinformation on to him, and Bennewitz got more and more paranoid and eventually went insane. Bennewitz told JOHN LEAR what he had heard and Lear took this into account when he wrote his DARK SIDE HYPOTHESIS.