Table of Contents

The Little People and Their Demon Ships
submitted by Edgar Loomis III

Saucer-Chaser's Plane Downed By Meteor

IC UFOlogist Explores Visitor-Contact Science
submitted by Jarod C. Warner

A Letter From Dr. Immelman Stahl

ARP Concludes Investigation of Poltergiest

Mediums Unite To Protect Ectoplasm Weaving Interests

Munterville Man Fills Wife With Cement

Is The Government Out To Kill You?
submitted by Col. Gaetano Ardenti

Man Mutilates Self To Save Soul:


Woman Falls From Stars
submitted by John Burrows

I Made Love To A High Priestess
submitted by Reed Relinsky

Notes From Cooper's Tavern II
submitted by Joe Cooper

Koppelmeister's Bid For Governor
submitted by Morton Charnel

Roman Ruins Found In Five Island Lake

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