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The stories of this archive are the unpublished stories that didn't make it to the final printed version back in 1999. That's a long while ago. And for a variety of reasons (all explained in the very mysteriously informative Third Eye Over Iowa F.A.Q.U.A.), it's very unlikely that such an enthusiastic and fun gathering of goofy writers will kabal in beer-whetted wonderment under its banner again.
That's how it goes...
So...as always:


Vernon Trollinger, Editor & Website Janitor


Are the Devil's Pets In God's Country?

Tesla Labs Say End of the World Not Immenent
submitted by John Burrows

Morris College Professor Says Hans Abbadon Is Dead English King

The Very Last Report of Infernal, Pestilent & Very Revolting Book of the Damned
submitted by T.H.E. Saurus, R.F.D.

My First Day At Third Eye Over Iowa
submitted by Mac Bowery

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