Table of Contents:

This Issue Dedicated to the Memory of Harry Blackstone Jr

Ghost Hunters March On Haunted Sites
submitted by Todd Ristau

Greater Maple Ave Reich Supported Republic of Texas

The Man with Two Brains
submitted by Hannah MacDougal

Dancing Superheroes Foil Bank Robbery

Bremer County's Walpurgis Nacht Spectacle
submitted by Adelle Cavalier

Hypnotheraptist Offers Hope To Invisible

1897: Airship Lands In Iowa


Increase in Iowa UFO Sightings
submitted by Todd Ristau

Exorcist Claims Black Helicopter Sighting

Mothers Day Not So Happy In Stumptown
submitted by Heather Chu

Phantom Wanker Haunting U of E Library?

The Tombs of Munterville
submitted by William Posey IV

Time For Lessons
submitted by Dr. Wesley Abbingdon-Hyde

Skin Writing Study Conducted At Tesla Labs
submitted by Alex Cavallari

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