Table of Contents:

Letter From The Editor
submitted by Hans Abbadon

ARP Makes Progress

Halloween Haunts In Iowa
submitted by William Dodge

More Cattle Dead, Operative Missing
submitted by Ercon Vogian

Spontaneous Chicken Combustion?

"Sword Of Tamerlane" Mystery Clouds ROTC Appointment

New Bookstore Opens In Iowa City
submitted by Raihn St. Clair

Is Smackenhovel Hiding Dirty Secrets?
submitted by Colonel Gaetano Ardenti

Attempt On Koppelmeister's Life

A Letter To The Editor

Howard Marley's Tiki
submitted by Hannah MacDougal

Black Helicopter Activity In Iowa City
submitted by Charles Williams

Electronic Voice Phenomena
submitted by Alex Cavallari

Teddy Watt's Dirty Little Pictures
submitted by Adellé Cavalier

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