Table of Contents:

Missing Third Eye Reporter Found---Alive!

Editors' Note: Arson Fires Delay Publication

Forty-Five Cattle Killed Mysteriously: Is Tesla Labs At Fault?
submitted by John Burrows

Doctor Haversham's Miracle Cures
submitted by Hannah MacDougal

Iowa's Roswell: The Wreck Of 1277
submitted by Jeff Hodson

Reverse Audio Phenomenon: RAP
submitted by Alex Cavallari

Letters From Gregory Wilhelm

Tornado Wrecks Truck, Spills Unusual Cargo


The Mystery of Iowa's Horse Tail Thefts
submitted by William Dodge

Vampire Cult Plagues Polk County
submitted by Ercon Vogian

Staff Reporter Arrested On Drug Charges

The Ghastly Death Of Professor Noel Carlisle
submitted by Eugene Tirpitz

Controversial Car Designed

Grisly Reenactment Aims At Tourist Dollars

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