Table of Contents:

IUFORN's Midwest UFO Update
submitted by Charles Williams

Assault Victim Survives In Meat Freezer

The Fate of Sunter's Warlock Militia
submitted by Eugene Tirpitz

The Abduction Phenomena
submitted by Alex Cavallari

"Space Jelly" Falls Near Hopkins Grove

University of EmmetsburgTeam Kidnapped?
submitted by Harrison Campbell

Entrepreneur Sued For Claiming Soul

Unknown Naked Stalker Identified

Mysterious Objects Detected In Cedar River


The Psychic Meteor
submitted by Hannah MacDougal

Dr. Haliburton Establishes Pleiad Temple

The Invisible Man Of Johnson Co.
submitted by William Posey, IV

The Curse Of The 4th Iowa Mounted Rifles
submitted by Evan Stuart

An Urgent Message To Readers
submitted by Father Alcott

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